[rescue] Memory for a RS/6K 7044-170?

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Wed Jan 24 18:56:10 CST 2007

On 25 Jan 2007, at 00:34, Andy Wallis wrote:
> "SMIT rots your brains." Our drooling lab rats are proof of it.

Not just SMIT. I've seen the barely literate and incoherent emails I  
get through Notes from highly-respected journalists and editors.  
Notes seems to eat the brain from the inside out.

(I sidestepped the Notes brain-eating by getting IT to tell me where  
they'd hidden the IMAP server. It's almost a real MTA then.)

My first Unix box was AIX. I'm surprised I still use Unix after that  
experience, really.

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