[rescue] Memory for a RS/6K 7044-170?

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Tue Jan 23 23:43:34 CST 2007

Sridhar Ayengar wrote:

>I forget who it is, but there's also a company dumping POWER GXT6500P 
>graphics accelerators for only a couple hundred.  IBM is still selling 
>these for $2000+.
If they're doing so, I've only seen it on EBay - picked up one myself.  
Yes, these will work with
something other than AIX (if you dont mind it being a framebuffer for now).

Just be careful about what LCD's you use them with, they may be a bit 
picky about giving a good
picture - in terms of screen artifacts. 

(Yes, I've got both the 4500 and their 6500 from separate sources, but 
I'd personally stick with the 6000 unless you're sure about the picture 

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