[rescue] Free! Stuff!

Brooke Gravitt gravitt at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 12:06:19 CST 2007

*(but ya gotta come and get it)

I'm in the ATL area and have been told by SWMBO that my efforts at
reducing clutter aren't progressing quickly enough. I'm going to end
up with one or two newer boxes soon, so all I have is free to a good
home. As I'm craptastically, hopelessly woeful in the shipping
department, it's pickup only. I'd really like to find a home for
everything, but I fear some may wind up in the dumpster.

Sun IPX with a sol 7 install, 32MB? ram
Sun SPARCServer w 2 system boards
Sun SPARCArray 101 (2) with about 45 drives between them
HP C180 w/DAT & HP-UX 11
2 SGI Indy workstations
SGI Indy Presenter Flatpanel
MAcintosh Performa 630 CD
Epson wide-format printer
Box 'o RAM

ping me if interested!


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