[rescue] Bad Sectors

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Sat Jan 20 11:19:49 CST 2007

Fri, 19 Jan 2007 @ 21:27 -0500, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. said:

> > I've returned OEM drives to Seagate and Western Digital. They balked
> > a little at first, but I explained that the seller was either
> > uncooperative or no longer existed, so I had no other way of getting
> > warranty service.
> >   
> They usually know by serial # who the OEM is.... so you might be able
> to say they are uncooperative... but no longer existing they could probably
> know whether or not that is true.

Well, you can verify existance pretty easily. Just give them contact
information and they should be able to verify that themselves.

> But... good to know you can try to 'fight it'...  I've never bothered.

You can always fight... :)

> Although... Fujitsu never gave me a problem (the 500M and 1G drives I
> previously mentioned were OEMs (I believe out of DG gear)).

I really like their drives. If they were not so expensive, I'd have more
of them.

> > All the seller can do is exactly what the end user can do: get and RMA
> > and send the drive back.
> >   
> But the OEM calls the shots... I beleve the OEMs dictate their own warranty
> duration.... and usually only deal with stuff on service contract after 
> a short
> period....


What I mean though is the return process doesn't change regardless of
who returns it.  The only exception is when the OEM has a certain number
of spare drives and just replaces yours.

I always try to use the OEM, but I've had a really hard time getting
them to honor warranties.

I bet a lot of them take any spare drives they get and sell them off.

> I'm surprised you got Seagate to replace an OEM drive... but good to
> know if I end up in that situation with a drive valuable to me that I
> might need to try to get them to replace....

I had to escalate twice and bitch a lot, but in the end they agreed I
really had no other choice.

I needed that drive replaced badly, so I was willing to bitch a lot
until I got what I wanted.

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