[rescue] Bad Sectors

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 20:14:01 CST 2007

I have received a number of 100+gb IDE hard drives, in various states
of operation.

Some drives are testing with 100 or more bad sectors in the first five
minutes of a scan, so I am tossing them out.

Other drives may have one or two over the entire range of the scan (up
to 200 GB).

How many bad sectors is bad? Are *any* bad sectors found with a scan
justification for throwing out a drive? I understand that most drives
ship with bad sectors which have been remapped, so any sectors I find
with a scan are likkely to be new bad ones, pointing to imminent disk
failure.. ?

I'm using Salvation Scan, freeware off of the Ultimate Boot Disk, if it matters.


Aaron Finley

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