[rescue] FS: G3 iBook 700Mhz, with Airport, problems

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Jan 17 15:18:41 CST 2007

>>> I've already waved a dead chicken over it.  I suppose I could do  
>> No, you're supposed to wrap it in bag, swing it around in a circle over
> Nope.  I wish.  It's the blood.  Keeping the critter in the bag, and 
> alive, does nothing to appease the Dark Ones.  Dead, bloody chickens and 
> goats only.  Sad, huh?  And awfully hard on the chickens and goats.
> Now when things get really bad (say, as in installing "Vista" and 
> -really- needing it to actually WORK) the Elder Ghods will likely 
> require your first-born instead of the livestock....
> All kidding aside, too often I've found that machines work only after I 
> somehow manage to nick myself on a piece of sharp sheet metal somewhere 
> inside the case and bleed on them.  Things get better shortly 
> thereafter.  It's spooky.

RFC 2321 says nothing about blood, though...


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