[rescue] FS: G3 iBook 700Mhz, with Airport, problems

Wesley W. Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Jan 17 10:28:25 CST 2007

>> I've already waved a dead chicken over it.  I suppose I could do  

> No, you're supposed to wrap it in bag, swing it around in a circle over

Nope.  I wish.  It's the blood.  Keeping the critter in the bag, and 
alive, does nothing to appease the Dark Ones.  Dead, bloody chickens and 
goats only.  Sad, huh?  And awfully hard on the chickens and goats.

Now when things get really bad (say, as in installing "Vista" and 
-really- needing it to actually WORK) the Elder Ghods will likely 
require your first-born instead of the livestock....

All kidding aside, too often I've found that machines work only after I 
somehow manage to nick myself on a piece of sharp sheet metal somewhere 
inside the case and bleed on them.  Things get better shortly 
thereafter.  It's spooky.

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