[rescue] ZFS on V100

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Tue Jan 16 18:52:36 CST 2007

Just to follow up, one of the posts from Patrick led me to a work 

First, supposedly the problem is fixed in svn_52 and newer.  I don't 
know exactly how one gets svn_52, unless Solaris Express Build 52 is 
the same thing.  I'm currently downloading Express Build 54, but I 
don't know if I will upgrade in a few days when I have it safely on CD 
at home or not.

In the mean time, a work around that fixes the problem for me is to 
make each part of the disk to be mirrored by ZFS in a concat/stripe, 
then pass the md devices to ZFS for mirroring:

bash-3.00# metainit d1 1 1 c0t0d0s3
d1: Concat/Stripe is setup
bash-3.00# metainit d2 1 1 c0t2d0s3
d2: Concat/Stripe is setup
bash-3.00# zpool create tank mirror /dev/md/dsk/d1 /dev/md/dsk/d2
warning: device in use checking failed: No such device
warning: device in use checking failed: No such device

Obviously, a metadb is needed first, but I had already created that 
since I plan to use mirror the boot partition as well.  I don't know 
what is up with the warnings, but it does create /tank with 105 gigs 
free on that mount point, which is what I'd expected.  And it fixes the 
speed problem.

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