[rescue] Any Minneapolis area listers ?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Jan 11 08:48:33 CST 2007

> I'm sure I could come up with uses to build a box like that, but just to
> satisfy my curiosity...  what purpose does that box serve?
> And what motherboard does it have?
> Peace...  Sridhar

They are generally used for telcom stuff. I believe it had some sort of
sound cards in it that were stripped before I bought it. Then I put sound
cards to feed scanner audio to a website (www.hrconnect.com). They sit at
a friends house.

It uses a backplane card with the PCI slots, then a PICMG CPU card. I
don't remember who made the board, but if you ebay around for PICMG you
will get some leads on CPU Cards and then perhaps that backplane boards.

I think I paid $125 each for them, and they are 700mhz PIII. After 7 sound
cards recording at once thing got a bit shakey, and I ran out of cpu for
mp3 encoding...  I had 9 of them working, and 2 acted normal but the
software wasn't getting data.

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