[rescue] Any Minneapolis area listers ?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Jan 10 08:50:54 CST 2007

> 3ware seem good and according to linuxy people have good linux support.
> Other than that I've no idea I'm afraid - I've never used any myself.

Nice cards, but for whatever reason all SATA and PATA controllers don't
seem to get the performance you would expect. I seem to find that all of
the non-SCSI cards just perform horribly. As you add spindles, the speed
does not increase like you would expect. I don't expect it to increase
linearly forever, but I don't except 12 spindles to be 1.5 times the speed
of a single disk.

It's obvious the drives are faster than they are being driven, given the
fact that a single disk performs pretty well.

3ware seems like a dissapointment in speed, but the driver support is good
and you can get them up to 16 ports.

As far as spanning multiple cards, you would probably be better off with 4
4-port raid cards running software raid against them all or something,
than one 16 port card.

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