[rescue] Any Minneapolis area listers ?

Wesley W. Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Jan 9 15:28:50 CST 2007

I've been tagged by an online acquaintance for some help, for a library 
in the Minneapolis area.  They are in need of about a 2TB storage and 
retrieval setup for e-books and scanned documents, whatever reason, I 
don't get into why.  Cheap is good.  Cheaper is better.  Money will be 
spent as and when needed, but the less spent the better.

I suggested something surplus and longevious, maybe non-Wintel, Sun in 
particular.  Anybody with hardware to donate in that area, let me know.

(Being a Freemason wouldn't be a hindrance, btw, it's apparently the 
Masonic library needing the help.)  (No, I'm not a Mason.)

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