[rescue] AX1105 (Netra X1-alike) booting from cdrom problems...

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Tue Jan 9 08:23:28 CST 2007

>From: Chad McAuley <chizad at gmail.com>
>Date: 2007/01/08 Mon AM 10:17:44 CST
>To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org>
>Subject: Re: [rescue] AX1105 (Netra X1-alike) booting from cdrom problems...

>On 1/8/07, Lionel Peterson <lionel4287 at verizon.net> wrote:
>> Remember, Cable Select requires an appropriate cable, typically an 80 conductor cable - if     > you have the drve jumpered for Cable Select, and use a non-Cable Select cable, your results > will be as the original poster described, now that I think about it.
>Huh, you learn something new every day.  I'm primarily a PC guy[0],
>and I never knew that Cable Select actually required compatible cables
>to work.

It is called "Cable Select" after all ;^) <-- note I'm kidding...

I get tripped up every once in a while, usually when I figure something is so straight forward I don't need to think about it, and I grab the wrong IDE cable for the jumper settings on the drive...

Dell PCs were the first place I ran into Cable Select, years ago - I couldn't get my new second drive to be recognized by the Dell desktop PC, and finally I took a look at the settings on the original HD... For a commodity box like the Dell, it made sense once I thought about it (Dell wouldn't have to explain master/slave or primary/secondary driver terminology - they just said "set the drive to cable select and it will just work").


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