[rescue] some stuff I'm trying to find

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Jan 8 19:43:52 CST 2007

Joshua Boyd wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 08:22:56AM -0800, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
>> That'd be a Phobos G160 card.  It goes on the GIO64 bus, and is reputed to
>> be quite fast.  They seem to be relatively rare, and somewhat expensive.
>> I've never actually seen one. 
>> The Phobos E100 card is a version of the 3com 3c597, and fits on the EISA
>> bus.  You can hack the Phobos driver to work wih a normal 3c597.  It's
>> noticeable faster than the built-in 10baseT interface, but not a full
>> 100Mbps.  More like 50, I think.
>>> There are ways to get faster networking and disks into the I2.  For
>>> instance, there are UW SCSI cards, FC-AL cards, FDDI cards, and HiPPi
>>> cards.  All but the FDDI cards tend to be hard to find though.
>> If you have Max Impact graphics, however, you only have one open slot for
>> any sort of add-in.
>> Of course, if you mentioned this problem to your SGI rep, he'd tell you he
>> had a fix.  He'd offer to trade you up to an ONYX.
> That's why my dream I2 would have a 4meg High Impact card instead of Max
> Impact.  

I believe you can put the max impact in slots 1 through 3 (3 lower slots)
and the G160 in slot 4....  but of course then your out of room if you
wanted various VIVO solutions...

-- curt

> An Onyx would also be nice.  I don't have a place to run one currently,
> and I'm starting to think that the first house I buy might not be as big
> machine friendly as I'd like.  Although, I'd still be willing to take a
> shot at setting up an Onyx in a basement with a console extender running
> to an office.

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