[rescue] Sun 690MP available

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Jan 8 14:53:42 CST 2007

James Fogg wrote:
>> James Fogg wrote:
>>> Is there any interest in a complete and cosmetically perfect 690MP
>>> located in the North East?
>> Where?
> New London, NH.

In spite of my best efforts to resist, I am actually interested. I'm 
within striking distance, too -- in Brunswick, Maine.

I do need to ask weight and dimensions since I do not have a truck, but 
a sedan with fold-down back seats. I've carried small refrigerators and 
such, and some 4U rackmount gear, but my guess is that this is bigger 
and heavier.

I think I have a B&W Sun monitor that is about the right vintage for 
this, and an older Sun kb and mouse from a 3/80. (I have the 3/80 as 
well, just headless.)

I wonder if the 85MHz/2M CPUs I have would work in it?


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