[rescue] some stuff I'm trying to find

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Mon Jan 8 09:50:28 CST 2007

On Sun, Jan 07, 2007 at 09:35:04PM -0800, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> Saith Phil Stracchino ...
> > I keep being tempted by the idea of picking up an SGI box sometime.
> You should.  They are fun.  The Indigo2 R10K is a very decent machine, even
> by modern standards.  Yeah, the SCSI stuff is all 50-pin and a little slow,
> and the networking speed (even with the 3com 100base card) isn't going to
> melt your Cat5, but it's not too bad at all.

If I'm not mistaken there is another FastE choice for the I2 that is
much faster than the 3com EISA card.  I can't seem to jog the name from
my head though.

There are ways to get faster networking and disks into the I2.  For
instance, there are UW SCSI cards, FC-AL cards, FDDI cards, and HiPPi
cards.  All but the FDDI cards tend to be hard to find though.

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