[rescue] Mac Backlight -Short Threadjack-

Wesley W. Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Jan 8 08:58:53 CST 2007

stephen price wrote:
> I remember -once- a long time ago in a galaxy far
> away- cleaning up some computerized radar equipment on
> a metal grey color naturally - turns out the "golden"
> hue was some 20 years of nicotene smoke <grin>
> regards
> steve

I got my entire Intel unit mad at me once, because I cleaned a section 
of wall and ceiling near my desk in the secure area just before a major 
inspection by some hotshot from Washington.  The colonel came through on 
a pre-bigwig look-see and was amused to see my nice white rectangles. 
He liked it so well he wanted the rest of the walls to look just like 
it... Since my part was already done, I was excused from the GI party 
that ensued.


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