[rescue] Tape robot at Austin, TX Goodwill computer store

Doug McLaren dougmc at frenzied.us
Sat Jan 6 23:38:11 CST 2007

It's not something that I need -- and it's huge (perhaps 4' x 4' by 6'
tall) but it's at the Goodwill Computer Works in Austin, TX -- and I
know a few list members live nearby.

In any event, it's a DLT tape robot/library, with 7 DLT 4000 (I think)
tape drives and a robot of sorts to load them.  It holds a bunch of
tapes as well, but I didn't count.  (I only saw one actual tape in it,

On the back, it's got a bunch (five?) of wide SCSI differential
connections, and a diagnostic (9 pin serial?) port.

Judging from the stickers, it was previously owned either by Motorola
or CSC. (Or both -- it had stickers for both.)

They want $50 for it.

Doug McLaren, dougmc at frenzied.us
Life is fraught with opportunities to keep your mouth shut.

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