[rescue] Printing via CUPS to Appletalk printers

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Sat Jan 6 12:46:22 CST 2007


I'm trying to help someone via email who has the following problem. I'm
hoping someone here has some info that can help. It's really Macintosh
based, but it's more of a general network/old hardware question.

He has a mixed network of OSX, OS9 and OS8.1 Macintoshes. The network is
connected via ethernet to each other and HP and a Samsung printer.
He's trying to move to the Samsung printer because it's cheaper to
buy and run. 

He also has many old printers connected to the network via PhoneNet
(AppleTalk over twisted pair).

Using an LPR tool from Apple, OSX and OS9 machines talk very nicely to
the HP and the Samsung printers. The 8.1 systems can "find" the printers
and print on the HP printers, but not the Samsung. They time out on
the Samsung printer.

He's an education type person. Their network admin is a self claimed
UNIX bigot, but wants the classrooms to convert to Windows. The fact
that OSX is UNIX has falled upon death ears.

I suggested that he ask the UNIX admin to set up a Linux machine with 
NetAtalk and CUPS and run all of the printers via the CUPS server.
With NetAtalk, he can connect to the local talk printers using a 
software bridge (free from Apple) and the "pap" command. 

CUPS will gladly accept the lpr streams from the OS9 and 8 computers,
and I know that OSX will speak directly to a CUPS server.

He does not think he is able to set up the Linux server himself and the
"UNIX" guy won't help him. I'm hoping he can change that, but for now
it looks like he's on his own.

Does anyone have any experience setting up a CUPS server on OSX? Is there
some sort of equivalent of the NetAtalk "pap" (print on an appletalk printer)

He's in upstate Pennsylvania, if anyone lives there and is willing to
talk to him directly.

Thanks for any advice, pointers, etc.


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