[rescue] Sunsolve CDs going spare

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed Jan 3 07:06:44 CST 2007

Clemson, Chris wrote:
>> What's on Sunsolve CDs?  I'm thinking about ripping these and putting
>> them up for the world somewhere, but of course that depends on whether
>> what's on them travels under licenses prohibiting that.
> Support stuff I'm guessing, like faqs and documentation etc. can't say
> I've ever needed to use them.
> They weren't free, so im sure the licence would restrict doing that.
> Chris
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Plus patches (at least on some of the releases).

Unless you have your own archive... if you needed an older patch for some
reason... SunSolve CDs were one way to get it...

-- Curt

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