[rescue] back on topic - ultra 1 stuff

Mike Tuffs tuffsfamily at mac.com
Tue Jan 2 16:13:01 CST 2007

I purchased a truck load of Sun H/w last week, and after looking through it, and prompted by
the current ultra 1 thread, I'm looking to trade for some nice Sun SCSI cases, like the 611 or
811 SCSI cases, I have the following, (all for $90.00)

13 ultra 1's  - 2GB disk each, some memory
7 ultra 1e - 2 gb disk each, 1GB RAM ( some stolen from above) 6 have SCSI CD
2x350 mhz ultra 5 (512mb ram/9gb IDE)
4xAries 300mhz - mixture of 2/4/9gb WIDE SCSI
3xss20 1 2x150mhz cpu, 1 1x150mhz cpu 1 1x75 mhz. all have 2gb disks

4xTGX graphics,
4xAconadata (sp) 3bay wide SCSI with removable disk packs, with about 12 9gb packs and 8 2gb packs.

some x35 wiring, including a t switch and various cables. 

I'm located in Portland, OR, and would rather have local pickup/swaps than shipping.

Again, I'm after some SUN diskpack cases, if possible.

Cheers, Mike

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