[rescue] Sun Netra X1 musings

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Jan 2 15:42:31 CST 2007

On 1/2/07 3:31 PM, "Magnus"  wrote:

> I'm thinking this thing is a real turkey.  I've not spent much time with
> it yet so that gut instinct may be arrived at prematurely.  I *want* to
> be wrong because despite its anemic hardware (or perhaps because of it)
> it's the perfect server for light one-off applications that should
> really run on their own hardware but not something that is worth any
> money. :)

For what it's worth, I've been using Netra T 105s in the same capacity, and
they work well with OpenBSD. They are all SCSI.

We ran X1s at a previous job, and they did OK with Solaris. We didn't try
any other OS on them while I was there.

The T 105s can be had fairly cheaply. The only "gotcha" is that they use
weird mezzanine memory, so try and get them as stocked up as you can when
you buy.

Good luck,


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