[rescue] 480Mhz Cpu's in an Ultra 2 Chasis? Can it be  ?done?

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Fri Feb 23 09:33:11 CST 2007

>From: Bill Bradford <mrbill at mrbill.net>
>Date: 2007/02/23 Fri AM 08:46:05 CST
>To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org>
>Subject: Re: [rescue] 480Mhz Cpu's in an Ultra 2 Chasis? Can it be  ?done?

>On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 08:41:10AM -0600, Lionel Peterson wrote:
>> Ran it - it won't boot on my MacBook Pro, this is the latest Solaris 10 
>> Install Check 1.2, derived from Update 3 of Solaris.
>Do you have BootCamp installed, so that the MBP will boot "normal" PC
>boot devices?

Bootcamp is intalled, but all I did was hold down the "c" key and boot from 

It stalled at "Loading Stage 2..."

Loading SOlaris on Fusion, so far it looks good (it FDISKed the virtual 
drive, no odd reports of unsupported devices, networking works out of the 
box). VMWare Fusion is currently a beta, available for free download from 
their website.

They list Solaris 10 and Solaris 10 x64 as supported, and Solaris 9 is 
experimental. I'm installing Solaris 10 32 bit, then I'll try the 
companionware and development tools DVDs... So far, it's pretty good.


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