[rescue] NASA JPL goodies for auction

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Tue Feb 20 12:59:07 CST 2007

I used to do the NASA Langley auctions. At first it was sealed bid and I'd
go up there. Then after I got a job there, they changed their setup and
went to the online system. I remember going over there and looking at
Challenge L desksides... when you open the front door it was cobwebs, not
a card in it... then I'd see it go for $500+ online, as someone thought
they were getting a full system.

Beware! Inspect IRL if you can.

I had found a bug in the Gsaauctions.gov that would let me see the high
bidders email, but I don't remember it exactly. I warned a few people.

The internet took the fun out of it for me... Just couldn't compete with
the high paid California people and stuff ( I was making like $35K as a
UNIX system admin there... I actually was an admin on a 96 proc Origin
3800 ). Fun times, indeed.

I should probably start looking at them, but these days I'm more
interested in PLCs and pnumatic and linear slides and automation stuff.

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