[rescue] Flakey E220r - advice sought...

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Sun Feb 18 12:20:00 CST 2007

Hello all,

I'm wanting to put my E220r in to service, but it keeps
resetting/rebooting ate random intervals. I don't *think* the CPUs are
to blame (I swapped 2x 300 MHz for the original 2x 450 MHz parts and
problems persisted, so I'm left with RAM, PS, and MB - right?

I've "stop-n"'d the system, so the NVRAM settings are default.

I only have one PS, and a donor U60 (for a different MB) - I'm testing
the MB now with a Solaris 10 install, and if that goes well, I plan to
swap the CPUs, RAM & HD to the U60 from the E220r and try a re-install -
if that goes fine, then I think swapping the MB will be in order.


Any gotchas for such an MB swap?

How do I tell the MB it is in a E220r case, not a U60 case (I've seen
this before, but I've lost the link - I think it is a simple NVRAM
setting, but my memory is hazy)?

Anyone have a spare E220r PS available? I see them on eBay for numbers
like $20 + 20 S/H... I'm debating buying a PS vs a E420r chassis and
going "4-way" - they seem to be about $250 shipped from eBay - anyone
have a chassis "going spare"?

Thanks in advance,


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