[rescue] 480Mhz Cpu's in an Ultra 2 Chasis? Can it be done?

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Fri Feb 16 05:34:04 CST 2007

On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 19:57, Mark Brown wrote:
> Hi All,
> Strange question, that I don't have the answer to - hopefully someone 
> here may.
> On my Ultra-2 (Dual 300's) - can I replace these with 480mhz cpu's from 
> an E450?
> I realize this is an "unsupported" config, but is there a reason (heat, 
> connection, physical, bus) that this won't work?

The 480 MHz CPUs would require a 120 MHz "clock speed", the Ultra 2
system board doesn't support that speed - the CPU may run at 400 MHz or
not at all, and the increased cache size (4 MB vs. 2 MB) may or may not
be supported. In my opinion (which is not based on actual usage), if you
were luchy, the 480 MHz CPUs might actually function, but as 400 MHz
CPUs with only 2 MB cache. I don't think (but again, have not tried) you
will damage the parts if you plug them in to the Ultra 2, but they most
likely will not work.

Pete Wargo looked into using 360 MHz CPUs in Ultra 2s a while ago, and I
remember his findings were that it just wasn't supported, and I think
the same is true of the 480 MHz CPUs.

Sorry I couldn't be more authoritative. Hope this helps,


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