[rescue] SGI demo from 1985

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Mon Feb 5 13:29:07 CST 2007

Micah R Ledbetter wrote:
> On Feb 5, 2007, at 01:08, Kevin wrote:
>> +1 for 80,000 transistor VLSI chips!
>> Kevin, can you post a download link for this vid?  I'd like to  
>> actually
>> watch it on my SGI.
> Well, normally youtubex.com would help, since it saves you the  
> trouble of hunting through the page source for the .flv. However,  
> that flash video file will probably not play on your SGI (try VLC,  
> perhaps? Google Video Player will play them on the Mac or Windows).

What would be really nice is a way to get the videos out of that brain
dead format and into something portable.

Anyone know of a conversion program that will do that, or is flv a
one-way conversion?

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