[rescue] SGI demo from 1985

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Mon Feb 5 01:53:44 CST 2007

On Feb 5, 2007, at 01:08, Kevin wrote:
> +1 for 80,000 transistor VLSI chips!
> Kevin, can you post a download link for this vid?  I'd like to  
> actually
> watch it on my SGI.

Well, normally youtubex.com would help, since it saves you the  
trouble of hunting through the page source for the .flv. However,  
that flash video file will probably not play on your SGI (try VLC,  
perhaps? Google Video Player will play them on the Mac or Windows).

(/me also saved the video for future enjoyment. Old ads are strangely  

  - Micah

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