[rescue] WTT: P4 desktop for mini-ITX/SFF system

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sun Feb 4 13:42:49 CST 2007

I've got a desktop tower system that I'd like to trade for a mini-ITX box or
some sort of small-form-factor PC, in order to reduce my power consumption.

	Intel D915GEV motherboard	
	Pentium 4 2.6Ghz CPU, 1G DDR2 RAM, 80G SATA hard drive
	DL DVD+/- writer
	Onboard Ethernet, Video, etc.
	Brand new "Antec Solution SLK3000B ATX Super Mid-Tower" case
	Brand new Thermaltake PurePower W0070 430-Watt Power Supply
	Note:  I do *not* have the ATX I/O port plate cover, but you 
		can get one from Intel.

This system was moved into the new case and power supply in mid December;
I needed a test/staging server and ran RHEL4 on it for about a week before
I powered it down so I could plug in my space heater. 8-)  In mid January,
the need to keep it for a testing/staging server was eliminated, so the
machine hasn't even been powered up since the middle of December.

I'd like to trade it for a mini-ITX system (with HD, CD, ethernet, etc)
that has a single PCI slot (for a USB controller) and is capable of running
Solaris x86, or some other similar small-form-factor PC.

I'll even consider "uneven" trades if you have other stuff (or money) to
throw in - I just need to get this thing out of the room that I use as a
"lab" and reduce my space usage and power consumption at the same time.

Note:  This system was originally built (in a different case) by the guy I
got it from, to duplicate as close as possible the "Developer Transition"
systems for Mac OS X/x86 with off-the-shelf components.  I've not tried one
of the "hacked" versions of 10.4.8 on it though, as I already have two
Intel-based Macs.


Bill Bradford 
Houston, Texas

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