[rescue] need vhdci to hd 68pin cable or internal 68pin terminated cable

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Thu Dec 27 23:08:54 CST 2007

some time ago i put a symbios scsi wide card into a sun blade 100 and set up
both an internal and an external hard drive. the external uses the vhdci to
normal size hd79pin cables, and i found one for a reasonable price on ebay,
less than  $10 as i recall. i am now about to unstall another card in another
another blade 100, but when i went to look for a cable on ebay i found them
all well over $30. ugh. i would be attaching a 611 box with this cable.

so i am looking to trade for or buy  such a cable if anyone has one.
i do have some blade memory which might be of interest.

if i don't go this way, there is always the possibility of an internal cable,
and i can  nount a stock wude drive, of which there are many and quite cheap
around. ebay has a 26" cable se with terminator, but it is not clear to me
that the cable will reach. anyone know anything about that, or know what size
i really need for this job?

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