[rescue] cleaning out garage

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Sat Dec 22 11:17:36 CST 2007

Some extra stuff, make offer

(1) the definitely on-topic stuff
Sun-3 and Sun-4 VME stuff. (note-Pat gets first call, since he's 
sending me some E3k stuff)

4x 501-1333 32M Sun 4/400 (/470, /490) ECC RAM (128MB total)
3x 501-1102 8MB Sun-3/200 ECC RAM (also works on 4/260 & 4/280 per FEH)
  501-1167 Sun-2 SCSI and 9U->6U adaptor (external DD-50 conn.)
  501-1276 FDDI adaptor
  501-1539 IPI-2 adaptor
  501-1206 Sun 3200 CPU, no PROM onboard.
  501-1316 Sun 4300 CPU for parts
  501-1203 Asynch serial multiplexor

Sun 50-pin drive lunchbox (HD50 single drive).

Assorted stuff (well, the Xylogics can go in a Sun)

Xylogics 450 Multibus SMD controller, with or without a Sun VTM adaptor.

DIGITAL Alpha Multia VX42 (233MHz, cache) with new battery.

SGI IRIS Indigo Express (GR2 XS/XS-24/XZ/Elan) boards:
ZB4 Z-Buffer
3x VM2 bitplanes
Personal IRIS PSU and TFLU skins (no cracks, door in place)

Xyplex Maxserver 4000-series terminal server, telco style outputs, 
fully populated.
still many 4MB 30-pin (9-bit) parity SIMMS (80nS) (free)
one Sun USIIi 333MHz/2MB Ecache module (U5/U10)
DD-50 interface drive box w/ PSU.
DEC BA-356 StorageWorks shelf.

Unholtz-Dickie OSC-1S sweep sine generator
Graphtec WR3200 thermal arraycorder (8-channel chart recorder)
HP 3746A selective level measuring set
HP 5061A Cesium beam frequency standard (CS beam likely needs work)

If anyone wants to trade I'm looking for a near-decent soldering setup, 
PROM programmer, Origin 200 dual-CPU PIMMS, largish 72-pin 36-bit 
SIMMS, other electronic/computer stuff, cash. Some of this I might even 
give away.

Renton, WA.

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