[rescue] Looking for sun 13w3 monitor or 13w3 to VGA adapter

Nick Allgood nick.allgood at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 16:14:55 CST 2007

ok can we stop this? this is way off topic now.. i was just looking for some
monitors or 13w3 adapters.. not discussing everyones shipping preferences

On Dec 21, 2007 3:55 PM, Patrick Finnegan <pat at computer-refuge.org> wrote:

> On Friday 21 December 2007, Richard wrote:
> > These experienced are why I won't trust a 4-rack Onyx2 Reality
> > Monster to anyone but C&F and even then its enough equipment that its
> > worth flying out and renting a truck to drive back and do it
> > yourself.
> Actually, it might be cheaper to fly out, pack it yourself, and ship it
> common-carrier freight back to yourself...
> Really, if you care that much about what you're picking up, why would
> you entrust ANY 3rd party that you don't know, and don't have any
> control over, to do the work for you?
> Bitch all you want about CTS, but the experience you have is going to
> vary completely by the local people at the branch that you're getting
> things shipped out of.
> So far, I've been the most impressed with Old Dominion and ForwardAir
> for common-carrier freight companies.  My general feeling is that if I
> don't want to spend the time/money going out to pack it myself (or
> getting someone I know to do it), then it's probably not worth enough
> to me to bother with doing.  (If you don't want spend $/time to go pack
> it properly, or pay $$$ to have some professionals do it, then don't
> complain when it's not done up to your standards).
> > The other collectors that liked CTS talked about shipping PDP-11
> > racks.  Well, sorry, but I think those require less gentle handling
> > than SGI machines where the plastic skins are so well known to be
> > easily damaged.
> I'm not sure whether that speaks more to the freight industry (if you
> don't make custom crates for the equipment you're shipping, then expect
> it'll probably be damaged to some extent), or to the stupidity of
> companies to make fragile computer skins. :)
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