[rescue] Looking for sun 13w3 monitor or 13w3 to VGA adapter

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Fri Dec 21 15:55:20 CST 2007

On Friday 21 December 2007, Richard wrote:
> These experienced are why I won't trust a 4-rack Onyx2 Reality
> Monster to anyone but C&F and even then its enough equipment that its
> worth flying out and renting a truck to drive back and do it
> yourself.

Actually, it might be cheaper to fly out, pack it yourself, and ship it 
common-carrier freight back to yourself...

Really, if you care that much about what you're picking up, why would 
you entrust ANY 3rd party that you don't know, and don't have any 
control over, to do the work for you?

Bitch all you want about CTS, but the experience you have is going to 
vary completely by the local people at the branch that you're getting 
things shipped out of.

So far, I've been the most impressed with Old Dominion and ForwardAir 
for common-carrier freight companies.  My general feeling is that if I 
don't want to spend the time/money going out to pack it myself (or 
getting someone I know to do it), then it's probably not worth enough 
to me to bother with doing.  (If you don't want spend $/time to go pack 
it properly, or pay $$$ to have some professionals do it, then don't 
complain when it's not done up to your standards).

> The other collectors that liked CTS talked about shipping PDP-11
> racks.  Well, sorry, but I think those require less gentle handling
> than SGI machines where the plastic skins are so well known to be
> easily damaged.

I'm not sure whether that speaks more to the freight industry (if you 
don't make custom crates for the equipment you're shipping, then expect 
it'll probably be damaged to some extent), or to the stupidity of 
companies to make fragile computer skins. :)

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