[rescue] FS: Various Sun Parts

Nick Allgood nick.allgood at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 19:59:34 CST 2007

I have some various Sun parts that I no longer need and wish to part with
them at a fair price.

Please make an offer , thats why prices are not listed.

PLEASE!! No Low-Balling , I know what this stuff is worth/goes for


2 x UltraSparc IIIi Socket CPU's + Heatsinks (I think they are 1.25Ghz) but
am not sure Untested otherwise

8 x 512MB PC2100 ECC RAM (Came out of a working V240) Untested otherwise -
Would like to

1 x 18.2GB FC-AL Drive - Worked last time i checked (2 months ago?)

1 x Sun Type 7 USB Keyboard/Mouse ( PC-Type) New!  (got it in a lot)

Feel free to email me about any of it for any questions/concerns/offers


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