[rescue] Sony GDM-20E20 monitor boards

Jonathan Sturges jonathansturges at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 18 21:01:12 CST 2007

OK, this may be an arcane offering, even for this list!
I have a set of circuit boards from a Sun-branded Sony GDM-20E20 monitor.  The boards are basically new, having been used only once or twice.  Free (+ shipping) to anyone who has one of these old monitors and would like spare parts.

The story:
I picked up one of these monitors for free at a hamfest several years ago.  The screen was so dim, you could only tell it was on when viewed in a darkened room.
Coincidentally, I also got another 20E20 that had been used once or twice before someone put a forklift through the screen.  So this monitor became the board donor.
Turns out the dim picture in the first monitor is fairly common with these monitors, and the culprit is a chip on the board attached to the end of the picture tube.  So I swapped that board with the board from the donor, and the monitor worked.  All other boards from the donor remained unused, and they've been in anti-static bags ever since.

I understand that there are 2 chips used in these monitors that are frequent-failure components:  one was on the board I used, but the other is on one of the remaining boards in this set I'm offering.  I can't remember their numbers, but that might be good for anyone who likes Sony monitors.


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