[rescue] Xyplex questions

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Tue Dec 18 18:59:04 CST 2007

I have a Xyplex MX1600 that I'm trying to configure as a console server 
so that I don't have to be unplugging and moving around my terminal all 
the time. I have the MX1600 and both of the system images that work on 
it (MX1500.sys and xpcs00s.sys) on a system, so I can put either on 
when I decide which one is better. I have a flash card that is set up 
for a TS720 (using xpcsrv20.sys) that I would like to have the MX1600 
boot from so I don't need to worry about having a boot server and 
having it up to start up the MX1600 and all that rot - don't have 
enough outlets.

Question- how can you grab files from the flash card to a computer 
host? I need to get the mcffs1.sys flash loader file off of the card, 
and I assume it's present from the TS720 install, but it was not on my 
mx1500.sys boot floppies or readily apparent on the MRV website. As I 
read the manual, it needs to be present on a TFTP host in order to 
update the MX1600 flash card, as the MX1600 erases the card prior to 
putting the new images on it (in contrast to the later MX1604+)

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