[rescue] E4000 rackmount kit?

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 14 13:21:40 CST 2007

--- "Nick B." <nick at pelagiris.org> wrote:

> As cool as the idea of dropping crowbars from orbit
> is, I really don't want to
> try to emulate it inside my house.
> I've got a good solid 4 post rack with some space in
> the bottom, and an e4k
> sitting (upside down at the moment) next to it,
> below a pair of A5ks which I
> have at this point given up on getting in the rack. 
> I've found the sun rack 
> kit as low as 200$, has anyone used the sun e4k rack
> kit?
> 	Thanks
> 		Nick

If the E4000 rack kit is anything like the E4500 rack
kit, it's basically just a frame bracket that bolts to
the inside of the rack, and the computer sits on two
rails on either side, and two rails press against the
top. A screw into the bottom bracket on the computer
screws into a threaded part on the bracket and wedges
the computer upward into the frame. Each side of the
bracket is one piece, so it's a two piece set of
brackets, and a plate that bolts to the bottom of the
computer. There's really not much special about it -
it doesn't allow you to slide the computer in and out,
there are no nice slides or rails. The surface that
the computer actually rests on is only an inch wide on
each side, if that. On top of that, you have to use it
in a Sun cabinet - it bolts in with screws through the
inside - not to the uprights from the front and back.
I would suggest just getting some scraps of angle iron
and making two rails for the thing to sit on. That's
pretty much what Sun did.

As for the A5000, I've never seen the rails or a rack
kit for those. Just pop the side skins off to make
them narrow enough to fit and put them on shelves.
That's what I did.


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