[rescue] E4000 rackmount kit?

Nick B. nick at pelagiris.org
Fri Dec 14 13:10:42 CST 2007

As cool as the idea of dropping crowbars from orbit is, I really don't want to
try to emulate it inside my house.
I've got a good solid 4 post rack with some space in the bottom, and an e4k
sitting (upside down at the moment) next to it, below a pair of A5ks which I
have at this point given up on getting in the rack.  I've found the sun rack 
kit as low as 200$, has anyone used the sun e4k rack kit?
On Thu, Dec 13, 2007 at 08:08:10PM -0600, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> >From: "Nick B." <nick at pelagiris.org>
> >Date: 2007/12/13 Thu PM 06:36:24 CST
> >To: rescue at sunhelp.org
> >Subject: [rescue] E4000 rackmount kit?
> >Does anyone know where I could get a rackmount kit for a non-sun rack to fit 
> an
> >E4000?  I got the E4000 from a very helpfull list member for a very good 
> price,
> >and am lothe to pay more for a rackmount kit than the system to mount in said
> >kit.
> You're not trying to put it in a two-rail relay rack are you? ;^)
> That would be fun to watch - from a distance, of course.
> Lionel
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