[rescue] More Qlogic on Solaris 10 + now Ethernet question

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Tue Dec 11 21:48:31 CST 2007

So, I opened up the e250, swapped the two cards, closed it up and put it
back in.

So, now I have confirmed that the card is a QLA2200.  It does have an
SGI part # on it.

I still can't seem to find it in OpenFirmware.

Also, my GigE card now shows up as skge1 instead of skge0.  How do I
reset this on Solaris10/SPARC?

I suppose I could pull the QLA card and try it in an SGI or U5.  But at
this point it will be a few days before I have time to pull the E250 out
again.  I don't have anywhere to try to run the machine outside the
rack.  There isn't suffiecent space for it anywhere else, other than the
floor, and I'm afraid of moisture.

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