[rescue] Anyone got a spare copy of Solaris 8/x86?

Mike Meredith very at zonky.org
Tue Dec 11 17:11:27 CST 2007

On Tue, 11 Dec 2007 16:48:02 -0500 (EST), Sandwich Maker wrote:
> " Not just System V based.  Solaris 2 was part of Sun's collaboration
> with " AT&T to create SysVR4.  It's as much SysVR4 as AT&T's
> offerings were.
> this is true, and sco unixware 7 has the same pkgadd, though they use
> it instead of patchadd for patching.  makes it easy to build patch
> bundles...

Urk! They did of course call them PTFs and a merry old dance I had with
those in the Unixware 2 days. Novell UnixWare 2 was based on SVR4.2SMP
(the "SMP" bit may be significant) rather than the earlier SVR4. I also
encountered another SVR4.2SMP machine ... an ICL DRS6000 (the relevant
section later became part of Fujitsu) which was SPARC-based, but didn't
run Solaris although it *could* run some Solaris binaries.

My memory may be rusty but I think that the base SVR4 system didn't
support SMP; each vendor had to roll their own. If you remember the
early versions of Solaris 2 didn't much like doing SMP (or anything
else come to that).

> i never did find the unixware equivalent of sun format.

disksetup? Or possibly just fdisk.

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