[rescue] Anyone got a spare copy of Solaris 8/x86?

David Muran-de Assereto dmuran at tuad.org
Tue Dec 11 06:58:00 CST 2007

On Dec 11, 2007, at 00:24 , Scott Quinn wrote:

> You may be able to get the media, but it wouldn't come with a legal
> license, unless possibly you bought it from a Sun-authorized reseller
> (I'm a bit fuzzy on the x86 versions).
> Certainly the license is non-transferable - the Solaris 8 license was
> (for a time) free download for personal, educational, or development
> work, but the license was non-transferable. Later on, the x86 version
> cost a bit of money ($39 seems familiar for some reason), but the
> license was still non-transferable.

I actually have a license from way back when, so that's not a problem.
> At this point, it appears that Sun is no longer selling Solaris 8 to
> the general public. If you're a registered developer it might be
> worthwhile checking with them to see if they have any sort of an
> unofficial program for developers who need to support prior versions  
> of
> Solaris.

Good thought. There's a legacy support program, but it costs much $$$,  
for good reason. The only reason I need this is to test some stuff on  
machines which cannot be upgraded for various program-management and  
funding issues. I just wanted another copy for my home lab, since my  
old one has gone missing, and am not willing to spend the Sun $$$ for  
> Another possibility- I believe the Trusted Solaris product is based
> around Solaris 8. More expensive, and I'm not sure whether enough is
> shared with standard Solaris 8 for your purposes or not, but it is
> still being sold.

Trusted Solaris is a different beast. I spend a lot of time with it,  
and it won't do what I need here.
I've found a couple of sources, and my itch should be scratched  
presently. Thanks for the suggestions.


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