[rescue] Mega Clearout (UK)

Gary Goddard gaz.god at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 03:10:48 CST 2007

Moving home is forcing me to reconsider the amount of machines i can 
use/possess so I'm having a clear out.
Buyer to collect from Lincolnshire, or may be willing to deliver for 
cost of fuel or at least meet you near the motorway network.

8-10 SGI Octanes 195 MHz CPUs and 256 meg of ram, most don't have disc 
caddies - Free to good home.
12-15 sgi 02s most are 200ish cpus and 128 ram (iirc) Free to good home.

Would ideally like to get rid of these in a job lot as i not all the 
chassis's have been tested, most of the boards have though.

IBM RS6000 - 7028-6C1 single cpu, 2 gig of ram, internal disc and 4 hd 
caddies available, frame buffer, #200  I can confirm the spec if anyone 
is interested and put a clean install of aix on it.


3x V100 650mhz cpu and 2 gig of ram, 2 have dual 80 gig disc and one has 
dual 40. #150 each

Netra T1 200 500MHz cpu and 2 gig of ram 1 18 gig disc and D130 array 
(can add 4 more hds) #150

Netra T1 (unsure of model) 440 MHz cpu 512 Ram (dimms) unsure on disc #50

No rails with any of the above.

Java Workstation Single 1.8 GHz opteron and 512 meg ram #100

U60 Dual 450, 2 gig ram, 2x 73 disc, 2x creator 3d Offers (don't wanna 
sell this but think i have to)

U10 440 cpu 1 gig of ram 80 gig hd and dvd rom creator 3d #75

U10 440 cpu 1 gig of ram 2x 10 gig #50

2 x U1 free to collect
1 x U2 single 300 cpu free to collect
Netra telco chassis (forgot the number same as u60) no cpu, mem or disk. 
Free to collect

E3500 6 cpus, 6 gig of ram 2x fc disks(think i have some more to fill it 
up), offers
E4000 cant remember spec untested offers.

Hp B2000 400ish cpu 2 gig of ram 2 discs (probably 18's) #40

Dec alpha server Cant remember the model no rolling chassis with 2 disc 
shelves and 4 400ish cpus, will get spec if anyone is interested paid 
#200 for it OFFERS

Compaq alphasever DS10 600Mhz cpu, 1gig of ram (i think) gigbit ethernet 
card, #500

Summit 48i 48port managed switch - offers

3com 3c17701 24 port managed gigabit switch - offers
ditto but with broken case - offers.

All specs are from memory, so i may be wrong. If you anyone is 
interested i will fire up and double check.
This is more about making space then money so please contact if there's 
anything of interest and make me an offer.
The only time constraints is is getting rid of the SGI's so please speak 
up if interested else the go to the recycler next week.


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