[rescue] Sun 4 VME hardware available in Pittsburgh PA area

Paul Zibaila PZIBAILA at servicelinklp.com
Thu Dec 6 13:18:51 CST 2007

I have a stash of Sun 3 and 4 VME equipment that I need to move from the
garage so I can actually get a car or two into ... un-heard of I know

Several 12 slot rack mounted cages, a couple 6 slots various and sundry
processor, memory, and peripherals cards. Probably a 9 track reel to
reel tape drive in that stack too. Cards and such I will be willing to
box and ship for the shipping and what ever I need for packaging. The
big stuff is come and get it.  If any one has a specific item they want
/ need let me know I see if its there. If there is any interest I'll try
and catalog what's in the stash. Probably a Sun386i in that stack too

Paul Zibaila

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