[rescue] IP KVM?

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Thu Dec 6 12:29:43 CST 2007

On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 12:37:53PM -0500, Phil Stracchino wrote:

> Quieter fans are another option I'm looking into, but I don't know how
> much latitude I have there.  There's a single chassis fan at the front
> of the case, in the 100mm-120mm range, which I can probably swap out;
> two Pentium-III processor module fans that I doubt I can do much about;
> and an 80mm power supply fan that I also can't do much about.  I don't
> know how much difference swapping out just the chassis fan is going to
> make (though it does seem a lot noisier than the dual 120mm fans in my
> gamebox's chassis).

I would think that a new quiet PSU would be a lot cheaper than a console
extender.  And you should certainly be able to find quiet 120mm fans

What sort of P3s are these?  The fans on my Slot 1 P3s aren't bad,
volume wise.  If the P3 fans are truly awful, you might be able to get
away with heat sinks or after market fans.  If you have Slot 1 CPUs,
after market coolers for them maybe more trouble than the machine is
worth.  OTOH, if they are socketed CPUs, after market coolers should be
a piece of cake.

FWIW, my old P3 had slot 1 CPUs.  One fan was going bad at the end so it
started being noisy, but up to that point it wasn't the fans that were
loud.  My current P3 uses heatsinks for the CPUs.  The case blower is
very loud.  But I run the machine headless and well away from me, so I
don't care.

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