[rescue] IP KVM?

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Thu Dec 6 12:07:55 CST 2007

nate at portents.com wrote:
> If you want quiet and efficient and long life in fans, the first choice
> would be Noctua (available at a variety of resellers):
> http://www.noctua.at/
> Good second choices include fans using Nanometer Ceramic Bearing, like
> Gobal Win:
> http://www.globalwin.com.tw/products/ncb/index.html
> Or fans using the Sony Fluid Dynamic Bearing, such as the Scythe S-Flex line:
> http://www.scythe-usa.com/product/acc/002/sflex_detail.html
> Good fan resellers will cary those, with Noctua being the hardest to find,
> generally.

Useful tips, thanks.

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