[rescue] Should I buy a 12" G4 iBook?

bill at bdoserr.com bill at bdoserr.com
Sat Dec 1 11:02:31 CST 2007

   >And are OK with 1,280 Megs RAM (should be fine for most applications,
   but it is a limitation with older G4 laptops >(like my 15" 500 MHz Ti
   PowerBook - 1 Gig max)...
   I have a 12" 800Mhz.  How does one get it to 1,280?  Mine has 128
   built in, and a 512 so-DIMM.  I recall learning that 512 was the
   biggest it would take, or at least the biggest amount documented.
   Does 1 GB work? That would give 1,152.
   I'd love to increase the RAM in mine.  It's still a very useful
   Bill Martin

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