[rescue] [For Sale] Various SPARC systems

John Ruschmeyer jruschme at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 18:32:42 CDT 2007

Are those prices with or without shipping? IIRC, some of those were on the
free list the first time.


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Ok...I managed to lose some of the e-mails from people who previously
expressed interest in the stuff I was getting rid of from my basement
cleanout so I'm going to have to resend.  Here are the items I have for

Cisco 2811 router, 2FE, VPN module, 12.3(8) T4 Advanced Security IOS,
64MB Flash, 256MB RAM - $1250
Sun SPARCstation 5 -- (unknown memory, disk, CPU) - $20
Sun SPARCstation 10 -- (unknown memory, disk, CPU, QFE SBUS card) - $10
Sun Ultra 1 -- 256 MB memory, 170MHz CPU, 9GB disk - $25
Sun Ultra 5 -- 384MB memory, 270MHz CPU, 14GB disk - $40
Sun Ultra 10 -- 256MB memory, 300MHz CPU, unknown disk - $50
Nokia IP 300 -- 64MB memory, 500MHz CPU (I think), unknown disk - $40
2 x generic Pentium II (400MHz)/Pentium III (550MHz) computers --
256MB/128MB memory, unknown disk - $25 per system
Assorted Macintosh parts (PowerMac 7600 system with G3 CPU (unknown
speed), PowerMac 8600 shell with video card, G3 CPU, etc.) - $5 - $25
Compaq Deskpro -- 500MHz Pentium III, 384MB memory, no disk - $15

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