[rescue] 7043-260 serial console help - no login prompt

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Thu Aug 30 14:35:32 CDT 2007

On Thursday 30 August 2007, Scott Mickey wrote:
> # lsattr -El tty0 -a logmodes -a runmodes
> logmodes hupcl,cread,echoe,cs8                                       
>                                         STTY attributes for LOGIN   
> True runmodes
> hupcl,cread,brkint,icrnl,opost,tab3,onlcr,isig,icanon,echo,echoe,echo
>k,echoctl,echoke,imaxbel,iexten STTY attributes for RUN time True
> # cat /etc/inittab | fgrep 'cons:'
> cons:0123456789:respawn:/usr/sbin/getty /dev/console
> The output from `lsattr -El tty0 -a logmodes -a runmodes` does
> not have 'clocal' in it.  What `chdev` command should I run to
> fix this?

Run this (as all one line:)

chdev -l tty0 -a 
-a logmodes=hupcl,cread,echoe,cs8,clocal

I think that missing "clocal" on logmodes will make the system not even 
put up a login prompt if it's missing the right handshaking lines, 
which sounds like it's what your problem may be.

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