[rescue] 7044-170 won't boot CD (sorta)

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Wed Aug 29 20:35:38 CDT 2007

The internal disk boots, but root is unknown so attempting to boot from 4.3.3 
media.... at first I booted with F5 (service) at startup screen... gets to 
0c31 and just sits there.  I rebooted in normal mode, but with altered boot 
sequence to put CD-ROM in front... gets to 0c31 and sits again.

0c31 supposedly means that it's asking me to choose my console.  Usually you 
get the "press F1 and enter" prompt on a hard console, but right now I just 
see the tail end of the boot screen ("Starting software..." through the boot 
banner and "Closing stdin and stdout.....").

Anyone have any clue why this isn't working?  Tried the CD on a 150 and it 
works fine.


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