[rescue] Sun 3's... was Re: Need Sun 3/110 RAM and Battery

M Thompson m_thompson at ids.net
Sat Aug 25 06:51:48 CDT 2007

>Well more Sun 3's than I  expected.   Does anyone use
>them in regular day to day use?  I'm thinking of leaving mine on,
>if I can find something useful to do with them (aside from playing hunt...
>8-) )

I have a 2/120, 2/50, 3/50, 3/60, 3/75, 3/1*0, 3/2*0, 3/460, 3/470, and a 3E.

The 3/470 is the boot and install server for the net. The 3/460 has 
2x 124 MB and 2x 1.2 GB ESMD 8" disks, and 1/2" mag tape.

I don't run them much.

Michael Thompson

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