[rescue] DG AViiON kit

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Fri Aug 24 14:43:37 CDT 2007

Walter Belgers wrote:
> I've made [DG/UX 4.30] available:

This is very nice to have Walter, thank you for making it available. And
I was glad to see some details in the README.txt about part numbers and
so forth.

Have you successfully built a bootable tape from these files? Did you
have to use different block sizes for any of these files? As a collector
of bootable media I'm sure you're well aware of how non-obvious it can
sometimes be to copy/rebuild bootable tapes -- I hope the AViiON is
simple and straightforward, but...

This appears to be one of the pre-SVR4 releases, though I don't recall
and cannot find a handy link explaining whether it's SVR3, SVR1 with
lots of hacks, etc.

Thank you again!

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